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Hyde Stillness
{ a Hyde-specific icontest }
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10th-Dec-2009 05:36 pm - Hey Guys! Update, PLEASE READ.
onigiri loves you!
x_shock_me_x has resigned as moderator. I would like to get this community on it's feet again, but to do so, I will need a co-mod. Also, I would like to know who is still paying attention to this community. So, please leave a comment letting me know you care, and if you would be interested in co-modding, please say so in your comment!
30th-Nov-2008 03:12 pm - Week 83 submit:
vampire cherry
WEEK 83:

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:
Hyde with another person. This can be Hyde and anyone at all i.e. Gackt, Kaz, tetsu ect.

*You may submit to this post up to 2 icons per challenge giving you a total of 4 icons. The challenge will end Saturday December 06 EST. Voting will be up on Sunday. You must be a member to submit icons.

Have Fun.
30th-Nov-2008 02:24 pm - Week 82 voting-
vampire cherry
Please vote on both themes. Do not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you. If you made icons you will be expected to vote or your icon will be eliminated.


Cast your vote hereCollapse )
25th-Nov-2008 03:48 pm - New Mod News And Week 82 TBC:
vampire cherry
Hi. My name is Vickie Nash. I'm the new Mod here and helping the creators/owners which means you'll be seeing my name lots from this community.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

WEEK 82:

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Black & White - You may use any image of Hyde. There is only ONE rule. No color allowed!

*I am extending the challenge until Saturday Nov. 29. We already have several good icons but I'd like to see more entered.
5th-Nov-2008 01:22 pm - Week 82: Submit
onigiri loves you!
If you have any questions, please ask them!

I would really like to come back with a bang, so if any of you out there are watching this comm, but have never tried out making an icon of your own... NOW IS THE TIME!

Tell your friends, and your friends' Moms... we are back.

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Black & White - You may use any image of Hyde. There is only ONE rule. No color allowed!

Submissions are due to this post by 10pm (CST) Saturday, November 15th. You may enter up to two icons per challenge.

Have fun!
5th-Nov-2008 12:16 pm - ATTENTION PLEASE
onigiri loves you!
Just a few things you should all be aware of:

New Layout

You may want to check out some of it's new features.

On the sidebar there will be links for our current challenge, and also the current voting.

Recent winners will be displayed in the sidebar also.


Voting will be done using polls


Each week you will be given Two challenges, you do NOT have to participate in both, but you may submit up to two icons for each, giving you a total of four icons per week that you may submit. The first challenge will ALWAYS be pictoral (I give you an image, you make an icon). The second will ALWAYS be conceptual (you may use any image, but the icon has to deal with the given concept, be it a word/color/style.. etc).

Time Table

1. Submission deadline is Saturday at 10:00 p.m. CST!

2. Entries will be up for voting Sunday-Wednesday.

3. New challenge will be posted on Sunday.

4. Winners will be announced on Friday.

(ie: a challenge posted the 1st will have submission time from the 1st-7th, be voted on the 8th-11th, with winners announced on the 13th. Got it? Good.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The first challenges will be posted in a couple of hours and you will have a week and a half to submit. After the first challenges, we will start on a regular one-week cycle tike described above.
5th-Nov-2008 11:04 am - Affiliation Post [affiliate]
onigiri loves you!

If you have a graphics journal/site/contest, or another hyde related community, and you would like to affiliate with hyde_stillness, please comment to this post.

Here is a button that can be used to link back to us, but if don't want to use it or you'd like to make your own, that's fine by me :)

*Please note: We do check every now and then to make sure all of our affiliates are still active. This is really the only reason we might remove anyone without communication beforehand~
4th-Nov-2008 12:24 pm - Hey Guys!
onigiri loves you!

I'm back!

To some of you old timers here, you may recognize me as one of the creators and original mods of the community. I've come back and intend to get this place active again!

Over the next week or so I will be giving this place a revamp, then I'll start in with challenges again.

I went through the members list and deleted all dead/moved/deleted journals. If I accidentally removed your journal... I apologize! Please re-join. (I don't think I accidentally removed anyone except for one person that I caught and I immediately re-added)

I will be making a new layout and some promo banners.

I will also be collecting images to use for challenges. I have a huge collection of Hyde images myself, but if you guys have any pictures you would really like to see used in a challenge, leave a link, or the image itself in a comment to this entry!

For your part, please keep an eye out for the first new challenge and take part! Also, if you have friends that make icons or love Hyde, make them join!

I haven't checked to see if we are caught up with banners over here, but if we aren't... rest assured, that is another thing I will be working on over the next week or so, so if you didn't get a banner, hold tight, and you'll get it!
shoupon pink
Hello to all of you! We are kittiekissies and buyitinpacks, your new mods at hyde_stillness. We are quite happy that 4am_secret has given us the opportunity to manage this community and that she's still going to be here with us!

There are 149 members in this comm and we would like to ask your collaboration: this is an awesome graphics community and we want to see your work! So, come on, submit your icons here! You don't have to be a professional designer or anything like that, just enjoy making icons and enjoy learning. More often than not, these stillness communities are great places to learn new ways to design!

So, come on, join us!

We want to propose you two challenges, one of them really special!

The first challenge is a continuation of the previous one: We would really like to see icons based the theme hyelle_narmo proposed:


Like before, the theme is completely open to interpretation: you can have text relating to stars, stars on the icon, anything you can think of!

As today is Monday, this challenge will run until Saturday, May 19th to give you more time to submit, and this time you can submit up to 3 (yes three!) icons to this screened post.

- Feel free on your use of techinques/textures/brushes, etc.
- Post up to 3 icons in this screened post.
- Remember to host your icons in hosts outside livejournal!
- Icons must be 100x100
- All icons are due Saturday, May 19th at midnight GMT

Post your icons in the following format: username, icon, link to icon. For example


Come on, enjoy! have fun! We will post a few recordatory entries as well as a few *helps* along the way.

If you have questions don't hesitate to write any of us: buyitinpacks@gmail.com and radiosonggirl@gmail.com or write them in this screened post!

6th-May-2007 04:56 pm - MOD POST
Stock // I read past my bedtime
The last challenge has been canceled. So we'll start a fresh new one soon!

The big news is that I am turning over hyde_stillness to a couple of new mods! Everyone give a big Hyde-growly welcome to buyitinpacks and x_shock_me_x! I'm hoping they'll be able to get things kick-started around here :) I'll still be around very very quietly (and I will be catching us up on the banners we're behind, no worries about that), but control will be all theirs!

Thank you guys for a fun year and a half! I remember way back when we were so excited to get 30 members :3 ♥
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